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 One of a pair of.rescues went off feeding

I was given a pair of southern alligators lizards by my cats, about two months apart. The first one is a fetching red backed specimen, while the later addition is more green/tan over the back and sides. Both were missing much of.their tails, due to, i presume, cat trauma. The red backed one has regrown about 1 1/2-2" of its tail. The other is just getting going on it.
. Each seemed to acclimate quite rapidly, eating within but a few.days. The first one is a little bigger than the second however i have yet to observe any hostility, attempted predation, or bullying so i figure they’re most likely both females(both have rather slender heads) or they have yet to develop territorial behaviors. But i cant be certain as i ve never kept these guys before..who knows what means of signaling between themselves these creatures might employ..

The issue is that the second lizard seems none too keen on feeding for the.last few days..when previously it ate rather well... any thoughts?

07/12/13  02:55am


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 One of a pair of.rescues went off feeding

Once they build up reserves and re-grow much of a lost tail, which is where they store a lot of fat, they sometimes lose interest in food and start feeding more sporadically. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you see a pronounced weight loss. Not sure where you are but in some inland locations where summer temperatures get into the low 100’s they tend to bulk out in spring and then estivate in a cool spot for much of the summer.

07/12/13  11:04pm

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