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Shikanoa   Acre  

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 Feeding Help!!

So i caught this alligator lizard in my house yesterday and i made him a little habitat area and caught him a few critters. I looked up what they eat and it said slugs and also sow bugs so i found some of those and put them in there, but he hasnt ate any. Hes seen them, licked them, been crawled on by them and he wont eat them so im thinking spiders will be its diet(I know they eat crickets and meal worms too but spiders are of an abundance here). Yesterday i fed him 2 spiders and he ate them. So, how many spiders should i feed him regularly? and why wont he eat other critters? Help would be appreciated

05/27/13  11:15am


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 Feeding Help!!

They don’t seem to have much if any interest in slow moving things like slugs and sow bugs. Your experience is typical. I would guess one gator lizard would need up to a dozen medium sized spiders a week. I highly recommend crickets fed Flukers and dusted with a vitamin/mineral mix e.g. Reptivite periodically as in the wild the lizard is eating LOTS and LOTS of different things and so will likely languish over time if fed only one or two things that are not vitamin fortified.
Oh and you probably have this covered already but make sure your lizard has a heat source, at least during the day. This can be a lamp or a heating pad of some sort under part of the cage. Either way, a hot spot somewhere that gets up to 80-90 so he/she can properly digest his/her food. And a shallow water dish that doesn’t stick up so far that the lizard has to climb to see what’s in it.

05/27/13  09:42pm

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