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 Stiff As A Board. :(

I found a terribly battered Alligator on the sidewalk one night while closing my store in Mission Beach back in February.

I took it to a pet shop and they told me it had most likely been attacked by a cat and helped me assemble a appropriate habitat. Within a couple weeks she, a female had shed her damaged skin to reveal beautiful brightly colored scales and was actively hunting crickets.

A couple weeks ago I bought a larger habitat, about twenty gallons. I kept about a dozen crickets in the enclosure at all times, kept her large water dish full and clean and misted the interior of the tank every two days. She increased her activity and seemed to be enjoying the additional hunting space.

I noticed her basking under the red bulb at midnight with her head raised like a sphinx only to find her this morning coiled in a ball, unresponsive and stiff as a board.

What did I do wrong?

05/10/13  03:22pm


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  Message To: HodadHank   In reference to Message Id: 2297126

 Stiff As A Board. :(

Impossible to know if you did anything wrong. She could have had internal injuries which took a long time to manifest. It could even be age. Usually, if it’s a husbandry problem such as poor diet or low humidity or a lizard mite infestation there is a gradual decline into listlessness and lack of appetite and not a sudden collapse. Generally Alligator lizards will do OK with nothing more than a heat source, water they can reach (not a bowl so tall they have to climb over the rim to see what’s in it) and some supplementation of the crickets either by dusting them with a vitamin/mineral mix, feeding them a high nutrition cricket feed like Flukers, or both. My only remark on what you’ve said is that if crickets are left it the cage they need to be provided with nutritious feed or they may be empty and un-nutritious when eaten.

05/11/13  06:58am

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