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 Breeding age, and hammocks?

1)i have one adult female northwestern alligator lizard and her 5 seven week old babies. the babies are already 4.5 inches long,(half as long as their mom) I’m kinda surprised at how fast they’re growing, because they’ve more than doubled their birth size already.I’m worried if they will be about as big as their mom when breeding season comes.

so i have a few questions, can/will alligator lizards breed before their first birthday? if not when will they usually begin breeding and producing young? do they have to hibernate, in order to want to breed in the spring?(so far none of my allies have shown any interest in slowing down for the winter)also i read somewhere that the females only breed every other year,so that their body can recover completely before they get pregnant again, is this only in the wild?

2)i want to make a hammock, and/or pocket for my lizards, that i can put in their home (out of polar fleece probably), because my lizards seem to like the fleece, sitting in my pockets and climbing on it. i don’t want to buy one, because the only ones i can find in pet stores are too big.
what are your ideas on this?

10/11/12  12:10am


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 Breeding age, and hammocks?

I’ve heard they start breeding around 2 or 3, but I’m not sure.

07/09/14  05:25pm

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