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 Healthy Saharan Uromastyx for Sale

I am selling my almost 2 year old Saharan Uromastyx. He is a healthy animal, a little skiddish but can definitely be tamed with some constant handling (something I rarely get around to). I have been feeding him spring mix salads, and he eats very well. I am keeping him in a 40 gallon glass enclosure with a screen top, which is for sale as well. I would like to sell the Uromastyx and the enclosure for around $50 each, but I am willing to discuss price. I would like to sell him to someone with experience keeping reptiles, someone who I can trust will take care of my Dino (the uromastyx, I named him Dino). I live in New York, and I would prefer the buyer be someone living either in New York State or at least near. If you are interested, email me at

09/14/14  04:38pm

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