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 What to do?

Hi, i whas wondering if someone could help, (sry about my typing and spelling).
I have a U. acanthinurus acanthinurus, almost 2 years old, and skittish egghead hell, all day lying in the cave not coming out to bask ore eat.
If i remove the cave she will eat, poo and bask like a normal reptile, but if the cave is there she will not.

INFO on the enclosure:

2 meters long, 1 meter whide and 1 meter tal.

TEMP (whit tempgun) Baskingspot: 123 degrees, cold side: 87 degrees.

LIGHT: Solar-Glo Exo Terra UVA-UVB 160W, Repti Glo 10.0 120cm 40W, Osram 40W, and Light Unit.

SUB: Tiles and rocks.

FOOD: Dandelion (summer), Staple: Frisée, Escarole, Lollo, Cactus pear and Summer squash.
Rotationals: Raddichio, Bok Choi and Shredded carrots (and some others)
Occasionals: Shredded green beans, endive, Frisee, Blueberries, Figs and other fruits (not ofthen).

POO: looks fine, Black and white whit no ecstra moist.

So is it that she just LOVES the hide??? ore what the hell is it?

here is a pic (bad) of the terra


11/02/13  09:20pm

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