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 What lizard?

I would like to know what lizard everyone would suggest as the best for me. Here are some things to keep in mind...
-small. not a monitor or tegu. something that is less than 3 ft long
-handleable. I know that lizards and reptiles are not really known to be something to be holding a lot, but
not going to run away at the first chance.
-food... i am cool with vegetables, any worms, rodents, fruits, special pellet do-das. I have snakes, not
had many lizards in the past, and this is because crickets are a NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there are no perfect lizards. I can compromise on a lot of stuff. just tell me what you think.

03/19/12  07:05pm


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  Message To: Snakenator   In reference to Message Id: 2259391

 What lizard?

How about a blue tongued skink or a bearded dragon both are around the 2 foot range and both are wonderful lizards.

05/27/12  11:00am


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  Message To: Ninja6259   In reference to Message Id: 2267849

 What lizard?

I would agree with a Bearded Dragon, I have one of my own. He is about a foot and 3 inches right now, and he is such a doll outside of the cage, he loves to be handled. He’s just wonderful :) As for a blue tounged skink, I have no exprience with them,but with what I’ve heard, they’re great :)
Best of luck! :)

06/24/12  08:11pm

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