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Hulk888   Ron burgundy  

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 Uromastyx wont eat

hi there i just got egiption uromastyx its 4 months old now had him for 2 months his viv is 4x2x2 temps are 85-90 cool side 95-100 hot side 120-125 basking site ,basking site taking with ir gun he has plenty of hides ive tried him on lambs lettuce,frisse,rocket.seeds.lentils,romain lettuce he walks about but he never eats he looks a bit skinny do you think he could be lonely anyone got any tips be happy to hear them thanks.

01/18/12  04:05pm


Ron burgundy
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  Message To: Hulk888   In reference to Message Id: 2251525

 Uromastyx wont eat

though technically a uro is an agama, you need to post this on the actual uromastyx forum. but acclimation to a new tank can take up to 6 months, that may be why he is not eating due to the fact he isn’t used to the new environment. romaine is not that helpful, stick to feeding him Endive, Escarole, and Dandelion Greens an a staple diet. there are more knowledgeable people about the specifics on the actually uromastyx forum.

06/02/12  12:39pm

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