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 Frilled dragon help ASAP!!!! Please!!!

Hello all, I have a friend who has had her frlilled dragon for about 6 months, and all of a sudden it has begun "dying" then coming back to life!!! She says it’s heart stops, it stops breathing, it’s eyes get kinda white, and it goes limp. Then with rubbing and cpr bounces back to life and starts jumping around! This lasts for a few minutes to an hour or so, then it "dies" again! I don’t personally keep frilled dragons, so don’t know a lot, but does anyone have any ideas? From what she has told me the husbandry sounds very good and there are no other signs or symptoms of anything. Every vet she has called have already closed for the day...... Any ideas or help would be great!!!!

12/31/11  03:04pm


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  Message To: Smerten   In reference to Message Id: 2249114

 Frilled dragon help ASAP!!!! Please!!!

Ahh poor thing.Doesnt sound good.Do you know the temp,,s over heating can kill and so can being too cold.If its not overheated the I would make sure its not dehydrated.Im just grasping here but consider soaking it, while your right there with it to make sure it doesnt drowned.Make sure the water isnt too hot, even warm to you can be 100 degrees. Then after soaking make sure it stays warm...Thats all I got.
I hope someone can help you..

01/04/12  04:27pm

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