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 3 legged Neon Tree Dragon?

Okay so on Saturday i went to Petco to get supplies and when i got there i saw a three legged neon tree dragon. The lady saw me looking at him and told me that he was up for adoption and had a fee of 10 dollars. So, i got him! He has 3 feet but 4 legs. He just has the top part of his back, right leg. You can see the bone. It’s darkened, the staff at Petco had no idea what happened to his leg. I knew the little guy would die if i didn’t take him in. So now i have him. He looks really healthy besides his leg. Is there anything else i need to do for his leg?? I’m an experienced reptile owner, just wondering about this since ive never had such a problem!

12/13/10  09:27pm


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 3 legged Neon Tree Dragon?

well if the leg isn’t treated with betadine or other anti bacterial liquid it may get infected ??? if infection developes it will probably cause necrosis of the tissue and possibly go systemic....through out the body.

All you can do is treat the wound with a betadine diluted with water (color of tea) dry and keep clean and possibly a dab of neosporin cream W/O pain reliver.

by keeping clean that means a hospital tank and no substrate except maybe paper towels...the leg has to heal first before you put it in a micro enviornment.

Here is a general guideline of medicine for reptiles by Melissa Kaplan
Tons of reading and I always find new stuff

Melissa Kaplan

12/19/10  08:17pm

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