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 Question about sores on a green agama?

hey all, i’ve got a question about a green agama...i’m not sure of the actual name of this guy, but a while ago someone just gave him to us at the family-owned fish and reptile store where i work sometimes. he’s small, head to butt about 4 inches, and black with bright green on his back and sides and a white-ish underside. anyway, my question is - a few weeks ago, he developed a few sores on his body. they look kind of like blisters. we’ve been putting ointment on them twice a day and i’m not sure if it’s having any affect. i think they’re slowly getting better but i don’t work enough shifts there to really keep an eye on him. can anyone help as to what the cause might be, and how to fix it? i’m sorry i don’t have any pictures to post. we don’t know too much about him, it’s been hard to find information...we keep his humidity up and temps in the 80s (which is what the previous owner told us his needs were, he was very healthy when we got him). i don’t know too much about lizards, snakes are my forte, but i hate to see him like this and am at a loss as to how to help him get better. any ideas? i keep thinking that maybe the humidity is a little too high, logic tells me that the blisters need to dry out, but i really don’t know. i don’t want to lower the humidity and cause other problems...


08/05/10  11:04pm

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