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 Just got agama and not eating well

My son just bought a butterfly agama at a pet expo 4 days ago. After much research and trial and error, we realize that it needs really warm area (90+ degrees in the day) and pretty warm in the night too. We did not have a warming light for night time until today. To make a long story short, I thought it was dead this morning because it is looking pretty thin and is not moving at all. it isn’t even touching the crickets that we hve tried to give it. It has a UVB light, water dish, coconut shaving substrate, and cork bark hide in its tank. It ate some tiny pieces of mango this afternoon but did not touch the pear baby food.
What else should I do? My son and I don’t want it to die- but it won’t even eat the pastey Repticare stuff. Are they suppose to be fuller in the body area? Or do they have ridges?

05/19/10  03:05pm

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