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 Weird Agamas

I work part time at a reptile store i know how to take care of the more common lizards/snakes/amphibians but today the owner drove to pick up some lizards (she never flys them here) and they are the coolest but neither of us really know anything about them and she’s been raising many different critters for quite a few years so any way the lizards are
1. Sinai Agama
2. Southern tree agama
3. red head agama

They are in bare tanks right now because were not sure on the substrate i even asked the zoology teacher at the high school i go to and he didn’t really know

05/07/10  04:48pm


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 Weird Agamas


what do you want exactly know, only for the substrate?

sinaï agama (pseudotrapelus siniatus, no?) is a desert agama with sand and rock

Acanthocercus atricollis and Agama agama must to have wall, wood to climb
for substrate: dry substrate, sand with rock, wood... like you want


05/18/10  04:10pm

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