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Nic W
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 Japalura Splendida (chinese tree dragon)

Hi, looking for other owners to swap tips with!!

07/30/09  10:06am


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  Message To: Nic W   In reference to Message Id: 2047855

 Japalura Splendida (chinese tree dragon)

Hi there, just got one of these little guys today :)

02/21/10  12:10am


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  Message To: Dreamhunter   In reference to Message Id: 2125287

 Japalura Splendida (chinese tree dragon)

I purchased 2 japalura spendida last month. I love them. They are friendly and beautiful. I think I have a male and a female. They were an impulse purchase at PetCo. I have been busy figuring out how to provide proper lighting, heating, humidity etc. I want to have all these systems mostly automatic when I am traveling. I am well on the way for establishing their environment. I think the female may be gravid. I also have 2 blue bellied fence lizards one of which restarted my lizard journey. I used to have lizards many years ago.

I am interested in others’ experiences with these delightful lizards. Any input is most welcome.

04/23/10  01:31pm

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