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Jason 32
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 Sexing Butterfly Agama

I have four butterfly agama they are approx. 8 - 9 months old and i am struggling to find information on sexing them can someone please help me?

10/09/06  04:46am


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  Message To: Jason 32   In reference to Message Id: 1015235

 Sexing Butterfly Agama

If you havnít found out by already, itís in the color. Males have more color.

04/14/07  03:09am


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  Message To: Lizard_lady   In reference to Message Id: 1245691

 Sexing Butterfly Agama

I have a butterfly agama and he will not eat since I have gotten him which has been like a month ago I also don’t know his sex at the per store they told me it was a boy but I have been reading that the males are colorful and mine is a brown color please help

03/19/15  11:59am

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