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 Having lots of issues with humidity.

Hello everyone, I have had 3 of my snakes for a while now, and have had so much issues with humidity, I live in Las Vegas, and its nearly impossibly to keep a constant with their humidity. I started them with aspen, then was told to try cypress mulch as it holds moisture,but so far I have been disappointed, I have to constantly spray inside their cages to keep their moisture and humidity good. They always have clean full water dishes, my red tail boa gives an amazing full skin almost every shed, my ball pythons however have almost never given even close to a full shed, my husband bathed one of our balls her last shed to help her out and it came out full. Since they cant call out saying "hey im about to shed please bathe me" what are someways that I can get their humidity right to help ease theirs sheds. I have tried a reptifogger and the motor burned out...

10/22/17  07:55pm


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  Message To: Scarlettsmama   In reference to Message Id: 2321399

 Having lots of issues with humidity.

Try coconut fiber, it holds humidity very well in my experience.

11/07/17  04:27pm

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