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 Suckling an Eastern Milk Snake

I live in Kentucky in what the old folks claim (ridiculously) is an area that has been free of snakes for half a century. Well, I was inclined to believe it after moving in here a few months ago and finding that the entire hillside plays host to a warren of Norway Rats. I have eagerly been seeking our local black king snakes to reintroduce to this blighted place ever since.

I hate rats.

Just so we’re clear on that point. Moving on.

Earlier this evening, I caught me a baby Eastern Milk Snake which came crawling across my carport. My plan is to fatten him up and raise him till he’s a full grown milk snake and then unleash him upon the vermin. Anyone see a problem with this plan?

10/05/16  07:37pm


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 Suckling an Eastern Milk Snake

It’s probably going to take it a fairly long time to grow to full size; I had a black racer and it only grew about a foot in the six months I had it, despite eating a large lizard every 2-3 days. If you have quite a bit of time, raising a milk snake isn’t out of the question. Even though rodents make up the majority of a milk snake’s diet, rats can be quite dangerous so your milk snake may eat smaller mice before it goes after the rats. If you do keep the snake, just make sure you have the right housing, lighting, food, humidity, etc, so it stays healthy.

10/06/16  05:50pm

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