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 Hello, guys! New member here. 20 gallon for corn snake?? Ball python?

Hi, folks! It’s nice to meet you all.

This is my first time being here. First post, first thread. Woo hoo! :) Really, really new to land reptiles and snakes in general. What got me into snakes is because, MAN.. they seem so cool, in my opinion, and I want to try something new; I’ve kept aquariums pretty much all my childhood to adulthood life; only tropical, from very small to very large enormous tropical fish for sometime since 2004. Gained a ton of experience and I still keep them. So now I definitely want to try keeping SNAKES!! Yep! :] And perhaps other land reptiles as well one day! (Not that I’m tired of tropical fish haha, I still love’m) I actually had caught a very small wild lizard a very long time ago when I was a kid, and kept it in a small plastic tank with ventilation.. but sadly it just went missing, so I was pretty bummed about that.. then I got some water turtles! The red-eared slider turtles, really hardy dudes that had great personalities and appetite.. kept it for quite a while since little quarter sizes (a decade, I think) until sadly about 6 years back in 2010, some random wild animal broke in our family’s backyard and put our turtles down.. Wasn’t a pretty scene.. :( Wished I had kept some kind of tight breathable lid on the tank.. Eventually I buried them.. ever since then, that was it for any reptile animal I kept and I just kept going with aquariums all the way and presently. Now I wanna keep reps again! Especially snakes! Maybe a lizard, turtles again down the line, but absolutely snakes at the moment, for sure! :-]

Okay, anyway so what do you guys think of a regular, high 24x12x16 20 gallon for a corn snake or maybe even a ball python? A bit too tall? Or perhaps go with a 20 gallon long? Thing is, I already have a regular 20 gallon setup as a fish tank right now and I plan to turn it into a terrarium snake tank or something in the future. I’m on a pretty low budget right now, so yeah, really looking to use what I already have, not really looking to shell out too much money on new stuff! But if I have to pay up for the really important key equipment and materials, I’m gonna do it.

So any helpful tips or expert advice on setup and care would be awesome. Glad to be here.

Thanks a bunch, guys.


09/09/16  01:06pm


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  Message To: NeonAera   In reference to Message Id: 2319461

 Hello, guys! New member here. 20 gallon for corn snake?? Ball python?

A 20 gallon tank is perfect for baby corn snakes and baby ball pythons but if you get a ball once it grows you may want to put it in a 40 or 50 gallong tank. I would also suggest getting a ball python I have 15 at the moment and they are all very kind they are a nicer breed of snake but obviously that is up to you.

10/18/16  04:08pm

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