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 I wish I could find a snake and other comments and questions.

They are rare jewels no matter where I live. At least that’s the way it is for the ones with harmless bites, but I haven’t seen any with harmful bites either. I’ve seen three black race this year since we’ve moved to Florida. The first one was dead, which is the worse kind. The second one got away from the cage I put it in. This was after I got a bite from it because there is a saying that goes no pain no gain. The third one was sticking its head out of a bush and was gone before I could get my shirt off and get to it. When going in to get crickets to feed an anole, I find pet stores that don’t have them; and it’s very hard to find ones that’ll sell snakes without ordering them. I’ve seen one pet store that had them, but all they had were boas and pythons and didn’t deal with wild caught ones like garter snakes and would rather charge a lot more money from a breeder who did nothing but two easy to breed garter snakes together and let them have sex. The only hard part there is figuring out their gender. I ask pet stores about snake pheromones to lure them; and of course, they don’t have that either.

I won’t argue the ethics about getting a venomous one that’s had its venom glands removed and know the legalities, but I’m wondering if the producers who worked with the Walker Texas Ranger episodes found some legal way to do it for an episode where he grabbed a rattlesnake that was shaking its tail. I don’t want a rattlesnake or any venomous snake because most of them cause painful deaths. The only interest I’d have regarding venomous snakes would be to get the hours of training and a job working with the very few kinds that don’t cause the painful deaths, the coral snakes and Malaysian kraits; and those I’d want to get a license to work with and would want to pay for the snakes I’d be working with myself. The last chapter of the gospel of Mark says that one of the signs of a believer is that they’ll pick up snakes depending on the translation; and if the Lord decided not to protect me from the venom if I got bit, at least I’d be in for an easy death.
God bless, Jason Irelan

08/14/16  01:23pm

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