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 Pueblan Milk Snake Not Eating

For three weeks now, my Pueblan Milk Snake has refused to eat. I’ve been feeding him 2 adult mice weekly, and he has never refused to eat before, except for a few one-meal times here and there. I’ve wondered if it has to do with available places to hide, so I recently installed a hollowed out log (I made sure to thoroughly sterilize it first), into his cage, and he’s taken to it quite nicely.
I have tried all different methods to get him to feed, from giving him frozen mice, both in his normal feeding cage like normal and his regular cage, and I tried a live mouse, and he refuses to respond.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

04/28/16  07:41pm


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 Pueblan Milk Snake Not Eating

I would double check temps and humidity to see if anything has changed. Or, has anything caused more traffic in his area, such as the viv being moved or a new pet that might be bothering him with unwanted attention?

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04/29/16  01:09pm

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