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Acre   Snakesitter  

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 Baron’s Racer Question

I have a trio hatched in October 2014. The females are now 5-6ft and thick; the male is a scrawny 40 inches. Does anyone know how large the males need to be to breed? Is age much of a factor; I’ve read 3 years for females but these things grow like weeks and my other Colubrids breed at less than two years if they are big enough. Thanks.

03/27/16  04:48pm


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  Message To: Acre   In reference to Message Id: 2317603

 Baron’s Racer Question

I wish I could help you out, Acre. Sounds like you have done your homework, though. Hopefully someone will be along in the next few days who can answer your question!

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04/08/16  01:27pm

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