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 Black Racers?

Does anyone have experience with black racers? I have a few questions:
How often should they shed?
Is it possible to transfer them over to another food source (or even prekilled prey)?
Are they okay if they aren’t trying to kill you? (Is it normal for one to be tame?)
Temps, humidity, cage size?

Some background info (feel free to tell me if I’m doing anything wrong)

I have had a juvenile southern black racer for about two months. It was about twenty inches long when I caught it, and after three sheds, has grown to around 22.5 inches in length. It tamed down in about a week, and shed soon after capture. The soil was too wet and it got a mild case of blister disease, with six oddly-shapen scales at its worst. Once I realized two bad scales, I contained it in a ten gallon terrarium with newspaper until it healed. Recovery took about two weeks, and it did not want to eat during this time, so I hand fed it three crickets when it got a bit skinny. It was lethargic for about two days after it was put in recovery, but healed nicely. After shedding, its scales are now almost perfect.

Terrarium and Setup: Thirty gallon long glass tank. Warm side 100-110 *F, cool side around 80*F, though no heat gradient at night. Full-spectrum lighting provided, as well. Lights approximate the day length, and times are adjusted every month or so. Substrate is plain (now dry) dirt, covered by leaf litter. There are three hides: one on the warm side, one on the cool, and one spanning most of the heat gradient. Three sticks are provided, as well as a few ferns, wood pieces, and pine cones.
Here’s the current setup link:

Food and Water: It usually eats an adult brown anole every 3-5 days (except for several days preceding the shed), refusing to hunt anything else. It does not drink from or bathe in standing water, but will drink from leaves and the sink (drinking from the running water). I usually take it out and get it water every other day. It drinks for 5-10 seconds before becoming uninterested.

Other: Handling almost every day. Does not appear to be stressed, and seems to like climbing my hammock. Will not strike at me unless eyes are clouded over. Will attack my dog and seems nervous if anyone stares at it while it it at bottom of terrarium. Does not move if people look at it while basking, but will flick tongue more frequently.

Some photos (still no idea how to use the photo features):

03/14/16  05:47am


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  Message To: Icearstorm   In reference to Message Id: 2317433

 Black Racers?

Shedding depends on the animals age and growth(food intake)

Yes its possible to switch prey items

These are not a good captivity snake even for inexperienced keeper because their violent, and snappy no matter how much handling and handling these snakes is a big no. Its highly unlikely for these snakes to chill out.

Sexing I think males are larger with larger/wider heads

Temps 90 basking. 70-75 cool end
Humidity 60-70%
Is what I read but care on these snakes are really hard to find cause no one really owns them because their attitude for ex.
Caging needs to be big and I’m not talking about a fish tank

I’ve heard that the care can be similar to Mexican black kings or other native colubrids.

03/14/16  10:13am


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2317434

 Black Racers?

Thank you!
I will soon build a cage at least 3’x4’x6’... I was thinking to use it for small birds at first, but I may opt to transfer the snake to it once it’s finished; either that or I’ll release it (it was wild caught to begin with).
I wonder if the snake is tame because I got it as a juvenile... At first I thought it was ill, but it otherwise acts normal (hunts down and eats lizards on a regular basis, and is generally quite active), so it’s probably fine- still, it seems odd. I’m pretty certain it’s a juvenile black racer (nothing else looks quite like it), but perhaps it could be a whole different species (that would explain its behavior).

03/14/16  04:37pm


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  Message To: Icearstorm   In reference to Message Id: 2317436

 Black Racers?

That’ll be amazing if you released it because these animals love space and transferring a WC to a cage will not turn out right later on not to mention he has a gutload of parasites or even mites that’ll infect your other herps so I’d look online for breeders.

03/14/16  05:49pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2317437

 Black Racers?

I often travel overseas, so all of the herps I keep are native and wild-caught so I can release them for the summer, so breeders aren’t practical for me... (And neither are pet stores... Figured that out after getting a terribly emaciated green anole from one.) I think I fed the snake something a bit too large, so I should probably wait a few days for its lump to go away before I release it. Until then, I’ll make sure to keep it healthy.

03/15/16  06:34pm

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