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 Snake as a pet when I’m away from home?


I’ve been thinking about getting a pet corn snake.

What I was wondering was whether or not it would be possible to keep one fairly and not cruelly considering that I’m away from home for about 3 days a week on and off. To clarify, there’s always someone at my house but they’re unlikely to want to get their hands dirty handling it.

I’ve had a pet bearded dragon before and have done a fair amount of research about corn snakes. It’s mainly the fact that I’ll be away that concerns me.

Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.


01/04/16  03:45pm


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  Message To: Wildside   In reference to Message Id: 2316388

 Snake as a pet when I’m away from home?

Kingsnakes since you don’t have to worry about misting. All ya need to do is change the water and your okay. I go visit my grandfather and I don’t worry about the snakes too much only the lizards but my mother is home to cut on/off the lights for me.

01/04/16  05:18pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2316389

 Snake as a pet when I’m away from home?

I agree, with a king you should be fine for a few days.

Let us know if you move forward!

Cliff Earle
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01/06/16  01:42pm

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