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 Handling new california king snake

Im new to snake keeping (but have kept lizards all my life) so am a bit inexperienced handling snakes. I got a new california king snake a few days ago which is about 8 or 9 months old. The first few days he was great to take out of of the viv and handle was extremely relaxed and placid. But the last day or two, any time I go pick him up he starts immediately rattling his tail and goes into the S position ready to strike and will not let me pick him up. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

12/22/15  01:07pm


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 Handling new california king snake

Snakes can irritable for a variety of reasons. They could have just fed, be in shed, or are comfortable in a warm spot and not want to be moved...or, they could just be having a bad day. I’ll let the occasional blow-off response slide for an otherwise tame pet, but if it becomes a pattern I pick them up anyway...even if they bite. Not doing so teaches the animal that threats and biting lead to freedom. And it’s much better to get a bite now, when the snake is small, that when it is fully grown. So go for it and just (gently) pick the little guy up.

Good luck!

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12/28/15  01:30pm

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