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 Just purchased a Striped Ball Python

I used to own one a considerable long time ago, and just purchased a MUCH younger one about 2 days ago. Shes about 14-16 inches long and absolutely beautiful. I have two questions, as Im very aware of the general care of one, but these I am not aware of.

1. Handling. When i purchased my other snake it was a couple of years old, and already capable of being handled by people. The one i have now has never been handled other than feeding time and i want to get her comfortable with that. I have been suggested to give her a week to settle in, but I dont have much more information than that, like how to ease her into being held and whatnot.

2. Her tail. Her tail goes from really fat to really skinny at the very end. Is this normal?

12/07/15  10:20pm


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 Just purchased a Striped Ball Python

Hi REpowerplay! Congrats on your new pet snake!

I can tackle Point 1, but not Point 2...not a ball guy.

I agree with giving the animal a week to settle in before handling. I’d then feed, and only start handling a few days after that. Balls are notoriously picky with regards to food, so avoid handling the day before feeding; and as with all snakes, avoid handling two days after.

Pick her up with a gentle scooping motion, and make sure to support her entire body. Start with short sessions, and listen to the animal’s behavior. A squirmy snake means lack of comfort. Comfort will build with regular, gentle handling experiences. So slowly increase the length and frequency as time passes. Before too long, you will have a snake that either tolerates handling, or even likes it!

Good luck,

Cliff Earle
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12/09/15  01:42pm

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