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Tom kitty
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 Snake for my birthday

hey guys well its going to be my fourteenth birthday and my parents is letting me have my own snake but i also want a male lizard for my lizzy should i get a snake or a lizard?????????

04/12/15  03:13pm


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: Tom kitty   In reference to Message Id: 2313162

 Snake for my birthday

first off DO RESEARCH!!!!! lots of it even when you think you have done enough do more!! owning a snake or a lizard is not "a easy pet" they take alot of responsibility and care.
second the choice is up to you... but only after research!!! snakes depending on the species dont need to be fed as regular as lizards so that "can" be an advantage to "so called easy " but their are many lizards like leopard geckos and bearded dragons that are far more friendly and able to be handled better with less risk of stress. but ball pythons, milk snakes, corn snakes, and king snakes make friendly good pet snakes also.

you say your only 14 so i doubt you have experience and if any far beyond catching and keeping wild caught lizards.

so please look into research of the kind of lizard or snake you want and into the care before even thinking of getting one, then get the habitat all set up too first.

04/12/15  09:57pm


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  Message To: Kelso reptiles   In reference to Message Id: 2313166

 Snake for my birthday

Hi Tom, and welcome to the forum.

One item to keep in mind is parental patience. I’d go with whichever will be *harder* to convince them to add later, so that you can maximize your chances of (eventually) getting both....once, that is, you have done your research and know you can meet the chosen species’ needs!

Do you have a shortlist of possible wants yet?

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04/13/15  01:49pm


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  Message To: Snakesitter   In reference to Message Id: 2313170

 Snake for my birthday

Tom, you still with us? ;-)

04/17/15  02:05pm

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