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 New rack

im pretty proud of this one!

it stands 49 inches tall by 49 inches wide and 39 deep

I crammed just under 5 4x8 sheets of 5/8 melamine into this one, its heavy!

the base it is built on is great for storage but also makes it easy to slide and move around if needed.

I tried to go all stealth with it and crammed the spaghetti factory of cable in between the two racks and hid it all with a door.

I used 11’ thg heat tape, a nice size hot spot for those big girls and it helps keep the cool end of my new long beautiful tubs at the right temp.

the tubs, Im in love with the tubs!! best tubs ive got my hands on yet! they are the freedom breeder fb70s and measure 34 x18x6. what makes them so awesome? the flat bottom is great, keeps contact with the heat tape perfect and they slide nice. I also really like that they are thick, these are some hefty tubs they wont bubble like my old rubber maid tubs did. and on top of all that I think they just look good.

a lot of time and effort went into this project and standing back looking at it now im glad I did everything I did because Im pretty happy with the finished product!.

11/24/14  02:00pm


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  Message To: Xkabx   In reference to Message Id: 2310987

 New rack

That’s do you prevent them from escaping??like pushing the container for example.

11/24/14  08:47pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2310995

 New rack

the only way out is the 1/8 of an inch gap at the top. I don’t see how they could push a tub that they are sitting on, not my little ball pythons anyways, maybe a big ole retic or burm could figure it out but im fairly certain balls just aren’t big enough to worry about that.

11/25/14  01:51pm


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  Message To: Xkabx   In reference to Message Id: 2311011

 New rack

Oh ok thanks

11/25/14  02:28pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2311015

 New rack

Sweet job -- well done!!!!

Cliff Earle
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11/26/14  03:20pm


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  Message To: Snakesitter   In reference to Message Id: 2311041

 New rack


VERY PRO .......

what kind of controls for the stat are you using?

Congrats on a job well done

11/26/14  11:02pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2311049

 New rack

thanks fellas!

chris im not too sure about pro, the camera hides all the little imperfections but from you ill take it, thanks man!

im using a ranco thermostat to control the heat tape, you can see it mounted in the top of the compartment in the second pic.

being thanksgiving for all of you in the states here is something you can be thankful for, actually living in the states! I couldn’t find tubs I liked here or a thermostat so I had to have them shipped, ate up a good chunk of my budget with shipping, the tubs came from California!

happy thanks giving everyone!

11/27/14  06:53am


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  Message To: Xkabx   In reference to Message Id: 2311052

 New rack

Happy thanksgiving xkabx

11/27/14  05:52pm

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