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WolfDLC   Rainbowmyanole  

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 Help! Mountain horned dragon eggs

Yesterday one of my mhd eggs hatched. He hasn’t eaten as of yet but he is hopping from leaf to leaf and acts healthy. My other eggs still have not hatched. They look very healthy still. I am not sure what to do it has been about 36 or so hours since the first one hatched. Do I keep waiting or do so help them out!?? This was my first ever experience with breeding. I got as much information as I could so far. Not too much info for eggs hatching on the web. Please help😢

09/18/17  11:08pm


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  Message To: WolfDLC   In reference to Message Id: 2321288

 Help! Mountain horned dragon eggs

I don’t know much on mountain horned dragon eggs but it’s the cycle of life you should probably leave them alone others may need more time to develop they will die if taken out of their egg to early.

10/19/17  06:14pm

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