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Rook1123   Jeremy.asf  

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 My beardie needs a new home 😢

Hey guys, i have two beardies here and ive had them for about a year and they do live together i thought they were females at first but as time went on they ended up being males saddly one has to go becuase i have no space for a second 45g tank. If anyone around the irvine area could adopt one of my males i would greatly appreciate it I just can’t bear letting him outside into the wild where I know he wouldn’t survive so if anyone would be willing to take him in as their own shoot me a msg. Thank you.

07/11/17  07:53am


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  Message To: Rook1123   In reference to Message Id: 2320854

 My beardie needs a new home 😢

Are you trying to sell them or just get rid of them because I have plenty of room here

07/20/17  02:04am

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