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Mr.salas   Curiouschameleons  

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 Found lizard need help please!!!!

so ifound a lizard on my way to my car it looked dead only (was not moving) didnt seem bothered by me being super close to it so i put my had out and it came to me it was then i noticed it was fat (just asumed it was a good hunter or just ate) soon after afew days it layed eggs !!!! 12 of them i dont what kind of lizard it is and i dont know how to treat the eggs lizard ate crickets and drank water i gave it in a cage i have it in and never seemed scared of me when i would try to pick it up (have not touched since i seen the eggs) but now it has a few eggs with it in a log i hav e for it to hide in and a few out of the log that it keeps trying to move ack in the log but i dont what to do should i leave her with the eggs and just keep the cage soil most and let her do her thing or do itake them out and incubate them myself please help anyone thank you so much

07/07/17  11:04pm


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  Message To: Mr.salas   In reference to Message Id: 2320842

 Found lizard need help please!!!!

What colors and in
what region do you live

09/05/17  12:46pm

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