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Sffred   Rainbowmyanole  

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 Newbie with questions

Hello my fellow reptilian owners!

I have a western fence lizard (male) not full grown yet but close. I just recently found a female blue belly and my male is going crazy. He’s doing push ups and it looked like a push up seizure. Plus he bit her a few times. I know it’s normal because he sees a female. But I believe the female I gave him is pregnant?

Should I keep them separate in two different fish tanks until she lays her eggs? I hear vermiculite is the key. Right now my male is about 1/2"-1" smaller than the female. Will she even mess with him? Right now he has both of his front hands on top of her head and covering her eyes. (I think he’s trying to force her to lay her eggs so she can mate with him)

Well I’m lost. Please help me for this is my first lizard and I’d like for them to be compatible

04/10/17  05:04pm


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  Message To: Sffred   In reference to Message Id: 2320557

 Newbie with questions

You should probably seperate them until she lays her eggs so the male doesn’t actually start to hurt the female. Especially seperate the eggs from the male once laid lizards will sometimes eat their on species especially eggs the parents sometimes eat their children if hungry enough so be carful.
I have read somewhere that a lot of female lizards can’t lay more eggs if they’ve had in the past.

10/19/17  06:22pm

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