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 Rescued Uromastyx Nose Build Up

I adopted a uromastyx probably around two years old. When I got her, she had a huge, hard, white-ish build up (above her nose and in between her eyes) of what the owner called "food" and said would easily come off with a little water. I have had her for almost a week and have tried a few times to remove it. I am assuming that it is shed build up. Today, I used a q-tip and applied olive oil to it, and managed to get all of the outer crust off, but her nose still isn’t what a normal uromastyx’s nose looks like. Does anyone have any tips? She is great being handled, but I am not sure how to remove it or if I need to. It is also in a very awkward spot near her eyes and nostrils so I am trying to be very careful.

In her previous home, the temperatures were too low and she was placed on crushed walnut shell substrate. We now have her on millet in a 50 gallon, with proper food and temperatures (80° to 100° with basking spot of 128-130°).

Any input would help, thank you.

04/02/17  11:53am


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 Rescued Uromastyx Nose Build Up

It would become all better in a few sheds, If it’s food then it may take lots of time to shed away, water,and oil will work

04/04/17  12:10am

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