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Waylon b
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 New uromostyx owner looking to improve

So I’m new to the uromostyx care and have just gotten one, it’s basking area is at 117 Fahrenheit, using a heat lamp until the uvb bulb comes in, I’m new so the tank still needs alot of work, right now I’m cutting up greens and carrots and what not daily for her, she is a niger uro if I’m not mistaken,(the seller knew barely anything) the tank is 36"L 18"w and16"T, the cool side of the tank is 86, I want to provide the best care and home for my girl, I’d like any opinions and tips on how to improve, keep in mind I’m VERY new and have it set up best I can for the short time I’ve had her, and will be working on the set up to improve, please give any advice and let me know if I’ve left out any important info. I’m not sure how to post an image of the set up for yall to see, but would be happy to when I figure it out.

02/21/17  03:55pm


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 New uromostyx owner looking to improve

I am a new uromastyx owner too. It sounds like you are very passionate about her, and that is awesome. Just make sure to get the uvb and have the basking spot get a little hotter (close to 130°). Also, make sure that you have a few different hides she can sleep and obviously hide in! Make sure the bedding is SAFE. Millet and play sand are recommended options, but there is always the risk of your uro ingesting sand. Also, remember to keep the humidity down. It seems like you are doing great so far!

04/02/17  12:06pm

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