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 Paralyzed Skink?

It’s five-lined skink breeding season around my house. They are breeding like crazy and babies are everywhere. I make it a personal policy not to take in animals under 3 1/2 inches. However, while herping over by the landscape ties near my house (they are havens for animals) when I noticed the back legs and tail of a juvenile skink sticking in the air from the hole in the landscape tie. He was missing a piece of his tail and his legs seemed to be stuck in a postmortem position. Assuming he was dead, I went to remove him and felt his muscles straining to hold him in place. He was very much alive. Upon closer examination of his fully removed body, I noticed that from his waist up he was a healthy young skink with bright eyes and all other physical features in order, but from the waist down he had multiple tiny cuts down his tail, was missing the end of it, and had a large open wound on his left lower leg. After much contemplation, I decided to attempt rehabilitation, as I have successfully rehabilitated other damaged animals. He is larger then a newborn by maybe half an inch. I have him in a standard skink setup with a full spectrum light, substrate, a hide, a large water dish, etc. I noticed with some alarm that his hind legs don’t seem to work. I plan to give him a full warm bath and bandage his leg wound. However, while I am very familiar with the care of five-lined skinks, I haven’t dealt with paraplegic lizards before. I feel he is too small for surgery or another service that a professional reptile vet could give. He has been exploring his habitat, actively finding a hiding place, and basking, showing all the characteristics of a healthy young skink except for his legs. If anyone has any suggestions as to why his legs are not working and if it is permanent, and if I should administer special care for this problem. I will try to post updates and pics when I can. Thank you for your help!

08/07/16  10:39am


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  Message To: Srkm   In reference to Message Id: 2319248

 Paralyzed Skink?

I want to help but honestly I don’t know much with skinks I will research about this though. can you post a picture? More people could help if they could see it. If no body knows take him/her to petsmart and they should give you advice and help with this problem when I got an anole a lady asked if I had any questions so that may be a good idea.

10/20/17  03:07pm

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