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Jadethechameleon   Srkm  

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 My Chameleon!

Hey I need some info. My female Veiled chameleon Jade is not letting me touch her or anything. Every time I try she puffs up and hisses and one time even tried to bite my dad. But here’s the thing. When I first got her almost a week ago, she let me pick her up and hold her. Now she doesn’t want me to. She is eating and drinking. Once I get her out she is fine but I don’t want to make her to mad when I try to and stress her out. She won’t even go back in her cage once I get her out. I need tips on what I could do. Also she keeps one eye closed a lot. Sometimes she’ll even close both eyes. She does have the proper heating and lighting and cage size. Please help.

07/21/16  12:07pm


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 My Chameleon!

That often happens when a reptile is introduced to a new enclosure. Handle her frequently, but be careful as chameleons are delicate. I have very little knowledge of them but there is also a fair chance she has mites or something else is bothering her that is messing with her attitude.

08/07/16  10:47am

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