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Celia   KrazyKelli  

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 Will fence lizards eat dried mealworms?

I have recently fallen in love with western fence lizards (they are SO cute!). There are many where I work (I’ve rescued a few who have wandered into the building and released them back outside) and I now spend my breaks with them. I would love to feed them occasionally, but a) is that a good idea or are they better left alone, and b) would they eat dried mealworms or living mealworms only? It would be hard to keep live ones in the breakroom refrigerator, LOL! Also, if anyone has any advice/info for me I would appreciate it : )

05/13/16  06:52pm


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 Will fence lizards eat dried mealworms?

live are always better, as the dried ones don’t have nearly enough nutrition. I mean, they’re all dried out. That and lizards are wired to hunt stuff that moves.

You could get a few livers and always keep em in the fridge =P Another option is a bug catcher outside. Catch some wild bugs to feed the fencies.

05/17/16  04:21pm

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