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 New owner of Uromastyx. Need some advice.

As of last Saturday night, me and my husband purchased a uromastyx. We brought her home and read, read, and read some more on how to care for them. We know what to feed her and what temperatures to keep her terrarium at. We use sand for substrate and I just had a couple questions. How often does she need to be fed greens or fed in general? Why does she seem so aggressive? I’ve seen other posts about how friendly their uros are and I’m wondering if she’s just aggressive because she’s not used to her new surroundings or us yet? I’ve also seen both where they say to handle her more to get her used to you and to not handle her at all for a couple months. Which is true? How can you tell age of the uro? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

05/04/16  01:40pm

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