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  Concerns about Mali uromastyx being outside

Hello I have a Mali uromastyx which is green and yellow about 12 to 13 inches long. Sometimes on the weekends I’ll take him outside to let him walk in the grass.
I was off on Thursday this week and took Rango outside to walk in the grass and to enjoy the Sun. I always stand beside him and watch him travel through the grass. Today out of the blue a large bird came down and tried to get him I’m not sure what kind of bird but it was very large. My first reaction was to yell and stomp. Luckily the bird flew away. Rango was very upset. When I reach down to pick him up he tried to bite me with an open mouth. I picked him up and calm him down and we went back inside. Be very careful with lizards outside. I am going to get a lease now but still the bird’s Talons may hurt your lizard if they grabbed him even on the leash. Thank you

04/28/16  08:42am

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