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Margarha   KrazyKelli  

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 New western fence lizzard.

I captured a fence lizard in my bathroom today. He is about one foot long. I want to keep him at least for a while, if he does ok in captivity, so my granddaughter can learn to appreciate and care for a reptile. I would like to have advice on when to try to introduce food. If he doesn’t eat I will release.

04/21/16  02:28pm


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 New western fence lizzard.

Keep in mind that in California there are stiffer laws about wildcatching reptiles and their eventual release. Check your local fish/game wilderness laws when able.

There are caresheets for a fence lizard here: . One of the most important things to have for a fence lizard is a UVB bulb as they are diurnal and require the rays to keep healthy bones. It will also need an adequate tank size, plenty of places to hide (I recommend leaflitter as well) and about a week to rehabilitate to its new surroundings. Keep the tank out of direct sunlight (don’t put it under a window, cause it’ll heat up like a car), and away from excessive traffic in the house.

04/24/16  03:45pm

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