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Bofa0985   The Almighty Lycan  

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 Croc skinks won’t eat....any advice please

s in the title. I picked up these guys last Wednesday and still they haven’t eatten. 24" wide tank, 18" deep. 1/3 sectioned off for water. Coco fiber as substrate. Live plants. Temps from low 80s to mid 70s. Humidity 70-90%. Plenty of hides.
Low watt ir light at night and low watt heat and uvb for the day. 12 automatic cycle. Currently offering wax worms and crickets(pulled the legs off so they won’t hop out of the feeder bowl). Any advice will be greatly appreciated. This is going on day 5. Thanks in advance

03/06/16  10:45pm


The Almighty Lycan
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 Croc skinks won’t eat....any advice please

my fire skink did the same thing when i first got him, except he had not eaten anything for about 3 weeks. What i did was i went to find out what they were mainly given as food items from the seller/previous owner, and once he started eating that work towards other food items. example would be like with my skink, he was mainly fed on crickets at the store so i left crickets in for him to eat, then once he started to eat those, i tried superworms, then dubias, then night crawlers.

Short version:
leave them with no food for a few days-a week, when you see them starting to look for food, add food then work them into other feeders

03/07/16  05:53pm

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