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 Sick baby Uromastyx. Please help.

I have a baby uromasyx thats about 4-5 inches and i got her mailed to me by backwater reptiles and she looked fine when i opened u the box. I have had her for about a week and a half and now all she is doing is sleeping all day and night and i dont think she is eating or drinking water but i could be wrong because there is poop in her tank. I dont not have her on sand i have her on a mat. I have all the right heating lights and i have stuff for her to hind under, and she is in a 10 gallon tank. So i would love if someone could please help me figure out whats wrong with her. And i feed her collared greens and thats it.

02/14/16  08:06pm


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 Sick baby Uromastyx. Please help.

Being desert creatures, I would not be surprised to see that she isn’t drinking much for you. They will get most of their water from food intake, as long as its fresh. It may take a while for her to settle in and get used to her new home, try not to handle or disturb her too much for now. Check her stools and keep track of how much/how often she defecates. Should have white and brown part and moist (if fresh). Be sure to offer her a diverse diet too, she may not be used to just collared greens. Be sure that she is at the right temp and has a cool spot, and appropriate UVB lighting. Typically if an animal eats, that is a good sign, however if she isn’t eating a lot and acting lethargic, best to have her checked out and screened for parasites. Also, she will eventually outgrow a 10 gallon, best to get a 40-50+ for when she is older.

02/16/16  07:14pm

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