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 Five line skink missing fingers?

My juvenile five line skink only has one finger on her right hand. I am thinking it was a birth defect, but I also have another fl skink with her. I don’t think the other one bit them off because there was no sign of blood. Any suggestions on on what you think? She also only has two sockets and one finger.

01/26/16  11:05pm


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  Message To: Austinbennett222   In reference to Message Id: 2316730

 Five line skink missing fingers?

If the wound is already closed and not infected its okay but if its open soak in a bedadine water diluted bath daily then dry and apply regular neosporin no extra strength/meds. You’ll keep doing until the open wound is fully healed. Also don’t let the skink drink the bedadine water.

01/27/16  02:20am

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