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 Where to purchase BTS?

Hello, new to this forum and not sure if this is where I should post this or not so sorry ahead of time. I’m looking to purchase a Northern Blue Tongue Skink. I’ve checked with the local pet stores and reptile exclusive stores with no luck and I’m a little wary of purchasing one online since I’m new again to reptiles and I’m uncertain of the best place online to order. I was looking at backwater reptiles and they didn’t specify if it was Northern or not. Or honestly how important that is. Correct me if I’m wrong but from what I’ve read they’re suppose to be the most docile and the more sought after species for a beginner. All that being said I also have a concern because I’m sort of tossed up between the BTS, beardie, and a Ball Python. I feel like a BTS would suit me best but am uneasy with the price since I am new to reptiles I obviously have no intention of being a lazy owner by any means but with the prices looking about $180 on average compared to the others being a lot cheaper. I’m worried about spending the $180 and then something happens to my BTS. But there personality seems like something I’m looking for more so than a beardie being what seems like a lot more chilled and laid back. Compared to beardies that seem somewhat skittish. I like the idea of hanging out on the couch with a BTS and watching tv or anything and I’m not sure how realistic that’d be with a Beardie. Any advice is much appreciated and sorry for the lengthy post.

- Thanks

12/17/15  07:25pm


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 Where to purchase BTS?

come to facebook
BTS enthusiasts

plenty of trustworthy breeders there and I am there as well...just a keeper myself. But plenty of pictures to be had

01/09/16  02:16pm

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