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AnimalLove27   Herpetophobiak  

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 In Need of a New Baby

I had a bearded dragon for about 5 years who just passed away. I am extremely devastated. She was the sweetest thing ever. She was always gentle to hold, and loved watching people or my dogs play. She would even lay on top of my other dog and they would both just sleep for hours. I miss her dearly and I feel like there is a void that I need to fill.
Does anyone have any suggestions on another reptile that would have a similar temperament as she did? Im not sure if all beardies are as amazing as she was, that is why I am asking. I have no problem sticking with beardies! I just really want another one that I can enjoy and handle and who will enjoy people watching. I would have it in my living room which can get a little busy around the holidays and my Drea would tilt her head and look at everyone, it was precious.
Any input is very much appreciated!!!

12/10/15  01:40pm


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 In Need of a New Baby

I started with a bearded dragon, mine is a boy and he is cuddly and lazy. They all seem to have different personalities. I also have leopard geckos, and they are some of the sweetest animals I have ever seen. They even smile! And they are easy to take care of.

01/21/16  01:53pm

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