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Butterfly Lady   Takahiro111  

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Butterfly Lady
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 Thanks for adding me as a new member

I had many experiences over the past years with reptiles and really enjoy lizards the most. I started as a teenager rescuing an iguana from a terrible boyfriend. Spike was my new man in my life and we enjoyed 5 years together before he passed. My family was hooked and we bought George a few months later. Gave my parents great joy for many years! Years later I got into Anoles, told a great starter lizard. I recently lost all my mature adults to old age. I have two hand raised babies left. I sent many letters to the pet store, as people don’t realize their life span can be half over before you adopt them. They have recently changed their policy, thank goodness. Now I adopted two beautiful Mountain Horned Dragons. To me they seem like baby Iguana’s, just adore them. It’s been a rough first month trying to get to know them, research, calls to the pet store, befriending the staff to get info that doesn’t really go with them. I’ve had to rebuild their tank twice to get it right, planted safe plants, learned their personality, and they’ve got one that’s for sure! carry around and handle daily for’s been like having twins babies! So worth it! Did you know they like t.v? it’s the movement, they both come down to watch, hilarious! Bubba watches you tube on my daughter hand, very comical. I do believe I have two different types, and a male and female. I’ve been approached to breed to stop the taking of wild ones from the forests, and I’ve agreed as long as I am supported by the store and proper sized food is ordered for me to do this. I’ve raised Anoles, but this is more involved. I am so happy to be a part of a reputable site and hopefully there are people here that can help me, if the time comes. Juveniles are hard to sex, and they are growing very well now. They are diggers, ripped up holes in their tank, but not laying eggs, just playing and bathing. Today I am going to take one out at a time and soak them because I see scratching, and should be shedding soon. Any advice is welcomed, and appreciated! Thank you

11/14/15  12:03pm


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  Message To: Butterfly Lady   In reference to Message Id: 2315718

 Thanks for adding me as a new member

Awesome thanks for sharing your experience. I watch t.v. with my water monitor at times not sure if he knows what’s going on I would watch something like family guy and laugh and he would just stare at me and the t.v probably thinking I’m weird or have a problem lol. But its amazing you rescued a reptile I did it too until my collection got too big from mostly rescues.

11/14/15  02:36pm

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