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 What reptile should I get?

So I’ve kind of wanted a new pet for a while. Specifically a reptile. I don’t know exactly what I want, because I’m not really as knowledgeable as some of you..

I thought maybe some of you would be able to help me pick one? I posted this in lizard because I don’t know where to post it, and I figured that’s what people will tell me, but I’m 100% open to other reptiles.

Here’s some important information:

-I have a empty 10 gallon tank. That’s what I want to put it in for the beginning. I’m open to things that may eventually out grow that space. I don’t want something that will out grow a 20 gallon tank.

-I’m fourteen. I live with my parents. I need something that is not going to freak them out.

-I can spend a good amount of time cleaning the cage and feeding it. At least a hour a day, but more if it’s required.

-I don’t want anything that eats mice. Crickets and other insects are okay, just not mice.

-I want something that won’t cost me over $150 a year.

-It would be nice if the reptile lives in a tropical environment. I want the tank to look nice. Lots of exotic plants, and color. Something that’s interesting to look at.

If anyone could help find me a reptile, I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you!

10/31/15  11:28am


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  Message To: HerpingNDerping   In reference to Message Id: 2315452

 What reptile should I get?

Anoles,swift lizards,agamas. Sorry to break it to ya but your gonna be spending more than that maybe less than a year for food,vet bills,lights,etc....

10/31/15  11:28pm


Animal Lover 3000
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  Message To: HerpingNDerping   In reference to Message Id: 2315452

 What reptile should I get?

If you are looking for something tropical I would recommend a crested gecko although they might need time to get used to you they are great and cute although if you are looking for a snake there are some species That don’t eat any kind of rodent

01/28/16  08:26pm


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  Message To: HerpingNDerping   In reference to Message Id: 2315452

 What reptile should I get?

Anoles. They r cute, and mine love to be held. A 10 gal tank is perfect for 1 anole and it will not outgrow it. They do live in tropical places so green plants r an essential. They also eat crickets and the best place to get them is on They sell them in cans for $4 and alive for $10. The best thing about anoles is that u can get them in ur yard if u live in a warm area. They don’t cost to maintain either. Hope this helps!

01/29/16  08:07am


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  Message To: HerpingNDerping   In reference to Message Id: 2315452

 What reptile should I get?

I’d say a few anoles, broad-headed or five-lined skinks or a rat snake.

From my experience, setup for small anoles may cost around $50, with around $100 per year for crickets (keeping an average of 3 lizards at a time). Provide full spectrum light or sit lizards outside in screen enclosure (if temperature is over 70 degrees F most of the time) and provide a heat lamp in the day. Brown anoles seem to be easier to keep than green anoles, not requiring as much height to their cage. Adult male anoles and large female anoles are the most tame- I have one male green anole that will eat from my hand. Try keeping a maximum of 2 anoles per 10-gallon enclosure (just not 2 males). Feed 3-6 times a week, allow them to eat as much as they want in 20 minutes, and remove any left over food. Supplement with calcium. Shed an average of every month or two.

Broad-headed and Five-lined Skinks
Not the least bit tame and do not tolerate handling well, but are incredibly hardy and large enough to make an impression. They must be comfortable and not overfed to stay above ground (for health purposes, feeding them as much as they can eat should be practiced at least once a week). Must have soil to burrow in, at least 2 inches thick. They will eat pretty much anything meat including (but not limited to): dragonflies (one of the largest components of their natural diet), crickets, earthworms, grubs, beetles, fried chicken, cheese dog treats... Feed 2-4 times a week, though they can easily go a week without food if need be. Should not need supplementation. Shed rarely, once every 1-3 months. Full spectrum lighting probably desired, heating probably optional (though they quite like it). Though generally territorial, the broad-headed skinks I owned (3 juveniles and one adult) coexisted peaceably. For the size of your aquarium, I would recommend one juvenile. They can only be obtained by capture of wild specimens.

Rat snakes:
So I don’t have a huge amount of experience with these, but I’ve had one for a few months and it does fine on a diet of brown anoles; no mice needed. Special lighting may not be needed, depending on species. Many are quite tame with some handling (after about a week, my snake was no longer striking at me and seemed fairly calm when taken out of the terrarium). If fed large meals (large enough where the snake has a noticeably large lump after it eats), they may be fed as infrequently as 2-4 times a month. Should shed once every 2-3 weeks or so (scales will dull, eyes will turn white for a few day before going clear for a day or two, and then the snake should shed). Food will cost nothing when wild-caught, though be careful that lizards are healthy when fed (clear eyes, open mouth when caught, no lumps or discharge from nostrils, eyes, or vent).

I may be able to provide more information if needed.

01/29/16  08:10pm


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  Message To: HerpingNDerping   In reference to Message Id: 2315452

 What reptile should I get?

My vote would be for a Crested Gecko. However a 20 gallon would be best. They are tropical, so you can have the planted tank. They are nocturnal so you do not need the UVA lighting. They prefer cooler temps 72-82 degrees. Plus they also eat fruits along with a insect diet.

Another suggestion would be, one of my favorites, a flying gecko (however they can be hard to find for sale). They are more of a look at than holding gecko-or at least mine was. But they make up for it in personality. Mine was always out and about, walking around the glass and very inquisitive about the world around him. About the same type of care as a crested gecko, but they eat only insects.

Lastly, what about a pygmy chameleon? I recently purchased one for around $40-also may be harder to find one for sale. They stay very small (under 3 inches) and enjoy a tropical setup. From what I am reading, they also do not require UVA/UVB lighting-however I am providing it for my guy.

02/05/16  01:40pm

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