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Pyton   Cphill58  

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I,m thinking of buying a iguana i i,d like some tips

07/24/15  04:29am


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Try to adopt a nice tame iguana from someone ...or check the humane society ...too many people are throwing them away like an old toy. Others just cant take the time anymore. Call your local exotic vet and see if they have a good lead. Also ask the vet what a check up costs and see if that is something you can handle.

Go to the green Iguana society pages and read up on the care and feeding and lighting etc. ... when you get some specific questions ask them here.

Learn about lights and UVB at Reptile UV

How much space can you dedicate to this Iguana... they need to be free roaming or a large closet ...or a custom made cage 6 tall 4 wide 4 deep.... 8x8x8 is better at adulthood.

Green Ig Society



07/25/15  09:43am

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