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 Another few Lizard questions

Hi everyone its me again and I have questions,

1. So far I’ve been breeding crickets in a 20 gallon tub with no success for the 3 time! I have the egg laying box moist, egg cartoons, veggies and water gel, and a heat lamp. With no success each day they keep dying. My fourth time I’ll try a storage tub and do the same thing and use the 20 for incubating the eggs. If this doesn’t work, I plan on quiting this hard task and starting a flightless fruitfly colony. Since my lizards can eat those. Should I start feeding my lizards flies and mealworms ( I only feed 2 per week) or stick to crickets.

2. I don’t see my lizard drinking water in his dish, is something wrong?

07/18/15  05:38pm


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  Message To: AvatarAnne   In reference to Message Id: 2314260

 Another few Lizard questions

from the bottom up

Mist the side of the tank with a spray bottle ...they will lick the moisture ...and they usually do not drink from a bowl

Breeding crickets

LArge tub with a few egg crate cardboard for hiding ... 1 corner with food and water.
I or 2 small sandwich plastic containers with soil (moist) inside. Place the lid on the small containers with holes poked in the lid for air food inside the small containers!

Remove the lid after 2 days as the females will try to get in and lay eggs... keep the soil misted lightly so they can do what they do.

After a few days of exposure to males and females ...scoot out any crickets and place the lid on again. Keep temps as you have been for breeding crickets and wait for the eggs to hatch. Do not let the males get in ...or they will eat the eggs.

If your summer temps are like mine 80-82 in the house dont need a lamp. Just room temps are fine

After you are certain eggs are present you can remove the sandwich containers and wait for the hatch out in another tub ... give the breeding colony some more new containers to breed in and do as many as you have room for.

Dont let food in the breeding colony stay inside the large tub for longer then a few days will mold and kill the crickets

07/21/15  12:29am

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