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 Looking for a pet for a 75 gal

Hello! I am looking for a good reptile for my 75 gallon tank. I like desert reptiles more than the other kind. Also It needs to be friendly. I have thought about Beardies but I’d like something a bit more unique. Thanks!

06/24/15  03:59pm


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 Looking for a pet for a 75 gal

I would suggest anoles.

06/27/15  06:38pm


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 Looking for a pet for a 75 gal

Unique... and easy to care for ...Omnivore... check out the Blue Tongue Skink
requires very little UVB lighting ( 2.0 - 5.0) and mild temps from 80-95.... Humidity during shed cycle. Very sociable and easy to handle. Raised from young will be very tame. Will live the entire life in a 75 easy

Slightly expensive to purchase 180-200.00 but there are deals out there.


06/28/15  08:58am

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