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 Please help chinese water dragon!!!

My small chinese water dragon is having some sort of problem with his eyelid. It looks like the inner lid has either a bulging vein from irritation or something stuck in it. He has the economy earth coconut fiber subtracted but I have it moistened and compacted down. He keeps rubbing his face in the dirt as if he is trying to clean his eye. I want to know if it is just something that will clear uo, something in his eye, or if I need to take him to the vet, thank yoy!

06/19/15  08:33pm


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  Message To: Lexxurrr   In reference to Message Id: 2313967

 Please help chinese water dragon!!!

OK , this happens a lot with Eco earth and coco fiber and other substrates. You need to remove the substrate and get some reptile carpet ... or for temporary emergencies...newspaper.

Get some turtle drops ...or human eye saline solution and flush the eye daily so it doesn’t get infected. maybe 2x a day or more if you have time.

If it gets real bad and doesn’t go away the dragon will need an antibiotic prescribed from the EXOTIC PET VET. That can get expensive fast.

This is a real dilemma the eco earth holds the humidity but it gets in the eyes. So you may have to resort to a fogger machine or a humidifier. But you have to get rid of the substrate at least for now.

Their is a water dragon forum here too

06/20/15  11:12am

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